Hello kiddies! You may (but probably won't) remember me as the animator for a series called Rude-Boy and Junior. Well here's the deal, I'm looking for somebody to take over the principle animation duties for me...as I've become involved with much bigger projects as of late.

Interested in giving these boys a new life? Shoot me a message on here, or on AIM (JoPtimus Prime) and you could be a part of the Mama's Boy team!


-Josh and Rudy

JoP is back! Ready for Episode 8?

2009-08-03 02:03:09 by JoP

It's been over a YEAR since I last posted on this here website, but I must say, it's great to be back.

Many of you who see this post on the front page probably have no IDEA who I am, and I don't blame you. I only had about two successful cartoons on the site, and that was over a year ago. But I recommend you go check out at least episodes 5 and 6 of my cartoon: Rude-Boy and Junior.

For the first time since about May of last year, I started work on a new episode of Rude-Boy and Junior. I am happy to say that the principle artwork and dialogue recording is done, now all I've got to do is animate.

With this episode I'm bringing forth a MUCH cleaner art style and animation look. I included a picture showing off the new character designs, and a little teaser of the date you guys will be able to check this thing out: January 1, 2010 (by the LATEST, meaning you may see it a little sooner).

Make sure you check out the other episodes, and leave me some comments, here and on the other episodes. Let me know if anyone will be watching for it, and even give me some advice on what to improve on with the next one.

Thanks, guys!

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7

JoP is back! Ready for Episode 8?

Episode 7 is done!

2008-06-07 14:34:41 by JoP

After nearly a YEAR in production, episode 7 of Rude-Boy and Junior is online!

make sure you check it out!

Rude-Boy and Junior: Episode 7

Hey Newgrounds! JoP here to tell you that the next episode of the little-loved (and widely-hated) series, "Rude-Boy and Junior" is currently being written.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, make sure you watch the past episodes. If you do know what I'm talking about, GET READY FOR THE NEXT EPISODE!

Have fun,