Entry #4

Are you an animator? Well I'm looking for help animating!

2009-12-29 02:58:59 by JoP

Hello kiddies! You may (but probably won't) remember me as the animator for a series called Rude-Boy and Junior. Well here's the deal, I'm looking for somebody to take over the principle animation duties for me...as I've become involved with much bigger projects as of late.

Interested in giving these boys a new life? Shoot me a message on here, or on AIM (JoPtimus Prime) and you could be a part of the Mama's Boy team!


-Josh and Rudy


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2009-12-29 03:37:11



2009-12-29 08:17:32

flash or 3d?

which is acceptable?

JoP responds:

preferably Flash.